ParaView 5.9 on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 black screen

The file works in ParaView 5.6.2. This Calculator expression is used to load the NetCDF file in spherical coordinates as Unstructured (disable Spherical Coordinates checkbox because it’s not work… don’t touch Vertical Scale and Vertical Bias input boxes by the same reason):
coordsZ*(cos(coordsY/180*3.141592) * cos(coordsX/180*3.141592) * iHat + cos(coordsY/180*3.141592) * sin(coordsX/180*3.141592) * jHat + sin(coordsY/180*3.141592) * kHat) (3.8 MB)

Hi @MBG. Could you clarify whether the black screen is only observed after applying the Calculator filter, or if the screen is black for any loaded date?

@cory.quammen Without Calculator I can see the datafile like to line (because z coordinate values are similar to the Earths radius and x,y coordinates are decimal degrees). Also, for now I can’t open the file by ParaView 5.9

I click “OK” and still see empty project:

And I have now the same issue with VTK file too. I’ve checked again and it’s still works in ParaView 5.6.2.