Paraview 5.9.x deployment with Microsoft App-V 5.1


Can anyone tell me please, is there an official position from Kitware on the compatibility & support of the Paraview 5.9.x when the software is deployed to devices running Windows 10 1909 using Microsoft App-V 5.1 ?.

Microsoft App-V is an application virtualisation (application streaming) solution, which is different from virtualisation at the OS/platform level (like VirtualBox or VMware Workstation).

Any information on the official support policy / known issues, etc. would be gratefully received.


Not officially supported, try it ?

Hi Mathieu,

Unfortunately I’m not in a position to give it a test - I’m asking on behalf of another party who needs to understand if they would receive one of: no support/best efforts support, and to find out if anyone has tried it, and what the outcome was.

I will pass on the info re: not officially supported, but if there’s anything else you can add based on what I’ve posted, please do let me know.

Many thanks for your help.

If you are looking for professional, paid-for, support, please contact Kitware directly:

Thanks Mathieu,

I will pass this information on, but just to make sure we share the same understanding… through one of these paid-for support arrangements, support for deployment of Paraview using Microsoft App-V 5.1 would be possible ?.

I’d say probably but someone has to take the time to look into it for a definitive answer.

ok, thank you - I appreciate it’s a less common support requirement than perhaps might ordinarily be needed for your software.

I’ll pass the information on and see if they wish to have a more detailed discussion to determine if this is a viable support possibility from a technical and commercial perspective.

I think that’s everything I need right now.

Many thanks for your help Mathieu.

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