Paraview Amazon Machine Image with MPI enabled

I was wondering if an amazon machine image for paraview with MPI enabled exists anywhere for use?

I don’t seem to have had much luck finding one. As such I was wondering whether there is a reason none exist, is there a barrier preventing use? It seems to me like an AMI of a Paraview mpi build would be useful to have around. Please correct me if wrong or if I’ve overlooked anything.

We have been using google cloud machine to build ParaView with success.

@jourdain @Scott_Wittenburg do you have anything like this set up?

No, we don’t have any of those to my knowledge, probably mostly because centos-like systems are usually more of a pain than ubuntu, and we don’t have a specific need driving us toward ami.

It should be possible though, and the Dockerfiles [1] we use to build the ubuntu ones could serve as a guide for someone who wants to try.

Hope this helps.