Paraview and Paraview openfoam issue

Hello ParaView users,
I have a (hopefully) simple question regarding the installation of ParaView. Some days ago I installed paraview 5.11 and I used it without any problem. Today I installed OpenFOAM that has also added paraviewopenfoam510 and when I type paraview in the terminal it launches the openfoam version (5.10). How can I restore my paraview 5.11 command?

(OS Ubuntu 22.04)

Hi @babias

How did you install ParaView ?
How did you install ParaFOAM ?


Hi @mwestphal,
I downloaded and installed paraview from the website. To install the program, I extracted the downloaded file into /opt/ParaView-5.11. Then I added the following line to the ,bashrc file:
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/Paraview-5.11/bin/
and finally I typed these commands in the terminal:
sudo ln -s /opt/ParaView-5.11/bin/paraview /usr/bin/paraview
sudo ln -s /opt/ParaView-5.11/lib/paraview-5.11/ /usr/lib/paraview-5.11

This procedure was fine and paraview 5.11 worked until I installed Openfoam 10.
After that, if I type paraview in the terminal, the computer starts paraviewopenfoam510 (together with some MESA warning).
How can I restore my paraview command and link it to paraview 5.11?

Unfortunately I cannot remove paraviewopenfoam510 because it also removes openfoam.

That is a question for OpenFOAM, not related to ParaView. You probably need to change your PATH.