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Dear all, I have to make an animation of polymer rheology (deformation due to hydro dynamic interaction)

In order to doing this, I exported from the CFD (in House) code the polymer chain’s beads coordinate written in VTK fortmat (POLYDATA) using Filter like glyph (for the beads) and tube (for the connection) I get a nice pictures of polymer in certain position.

I’m exporting this coodinate each time step of total 10 time step (just to try make a small animation), the file are named in a way that paraview recognized as time sequence (the end part of the filename is the time step) ,

But now I have problem related to the fact that the chain moves with the turbulent flow
so I cannot have a fixed area in which each time step i see the polymer change configurations! But this is what I need , there is some way to set the camera fixed with the chain and not with spatial coordinate ?

thanks in advance

Use the “Folow Data” camera animation feature :

  • Open ParaView and your temporal dataset
  • View -> Animation View
  • Select Camera in the combo box, then Folow Data in the other combo box.
  • Click on the blue “plus”
  • Play animation


thank you very much !!

Hi everyone,
how to make animation in paraview. when I use save animation then I get a bounch of png files, and there is no animation. Is there any special setting?

kind regards,

It is possible to export to a video file, but I actually do prefer to produce pngs and then convert these into a video file since this enables a better quality than using the built-in video encoder (at least in PV 5.7).
Plus it gives you a lot more flexibility.
ffmpeg is your friend, e.g.:

 ffmpeg -r 25 -start_number 0 -i "%04d.png" -c:v libx264 -profile:v high -level:v 4.0 -vf "format=rgb24" -pix_fmt yuv420p -y -an video.mp4
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@Arghavanizad : Or just select the .avi format. If you have other question, please open your own topic.