Paraview Animations not working in VR

Hello, we are trying to get a paraview animation working in the openVR on an HTC Vive in version 5.6 but the animation just shows the first and last frames. There was a thread similar to this that said downgrading to 5.4 would work. This did solve the animation issue but the OpenVR paraview 5.4.1 does not let you import Macros as far as we can tell, which we need to do for our animation. We are looking for solutions for either getting animations for 5.6 to work in VR or a solution to get macros into 5.4.1 openVR version.

Thank you

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Right now PV’s animation rate is too slow to handle VR. And so the VR view just freezes while the animation is running. Utkarsh is planning to take a look at the performance issue in the next couple months. If all else fails I can add a record animation option to the OpenVR plugin that will cache all the animated geometry and then play it back in VR but the ideal solution would be to improve the core animation rate in PV so everyone benefits.

To second what @martink said, it is indeed one of my priorities to see what we can do to improve animation performance in general. I’ll report back once I get around to debugging it (probably once the 5.7 release related issues wrap up).

Hi all,
do you have any updates on the OpenVR animation front?
I also have similar issues visualizing the animation with HTC vive.
When I try to play my animation the only think i can see with my googles is some sort of “vibration” in the video. Looks like a video refresh rate issue.

The static visualization works perfectly for both the Oculus and HTC vive.

Utkarsh is working on it right now. See animations in CAVE mode What he is doing may not solve all of the issues, but we want to see where that puts us before dealing with any OpenVR specific issues.

Thank you Ken.

Utkarsh has merged his changes into ParaView master and animation is much better now. At least some of my test cases seem to work fine in VR. One tip, for best performance close the View->Animation View and turn off the View->Toolbars->Current Time Controls before running your animation. Those two widgets slow down the animation noticeably. Basically the more GUI elements updating the worse the performance is.

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add a record animation option to the OpenVR plugin

Hi Ken and Utkarash, @utkarsh.ayachit @martink
Thank you for your great work!

Please DO ADD a record animation option to the OpenVR plugin.
Anything that can assist smoothness of animation via OpenVR plugin would be much appreciated! (Ryzen 3900x, Quadro P4000, Oculus Rift)

I’m using Paraview for geological data with multiple objects of millions of points (topography, underground excavations, data from thousands of drill holes each with thousands of data points, etc). Animation via VR just shows first and last frame.

As a work around, might it be possible to use Paraview to animate + record the animation into a VR video format for VR playback?