ParaView automatically zooms in

Hello everyone. I am in dire need of help. While working on my case (Windows 10, ParaView
5.7.0) my screen suddenly zoomed in (as shown in the attached picture). It happens only if I change the colouring from anything that was set as default - I can still freely use streamlines, StreamLIC plugin, etc… But I need to show vorticity as surface colours, and this prevents me from doing it. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I have tried reinstalling ParaView, but it did not help.

Thank you in advance for all responses.

Caused by a bug in intel driver. Downgrade your driver :

As a workaround, I believe you can also make sure the Color Map Editor panel is closed to prevent this from happening to the main render window. If you don’t see the Color Map Editor, you can close it through the View -> Color Map Editor menu item.

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I just found another workaround. Instead of using my Intel GPU, which is set to default, I can use my second Nvidia GPU. That solves the issue. But thank you for your replies, now I will be more aware of what went wrong.

Using the NVIDIA GPU is the best solution all around :slight_smile:

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And my victory was shortlived. Suddenly I experience the same issue on my Nvidia GPU as well. It may be due to the issue I was running it on my laptop battery while saving power, but I wanted to keep it as a possibility here so maybe someone knows another cause apart from Intel drivers.

And @cory.quammen the render window does not have this problem. Only the rest of the GUI .

tbh I doubt that. Can you access the Help -> About menu and share it here ?

I will do it as soon asn I come back home. Currently I am on a train.

Here you have the details of my Help-> About. Also. I figured out the technique to make it all work. I open any .dat file on my Nvidia GPU. Then, I import my .vtk file (SU2 7.0.0 gives the results in .vtk format, I need to check how to swap it to .dat in the new version) and delete the previous .dat file. Now I can freely edit my .vtk file. Who knew?


I had this problem on my laptop using intel UHD 620 integrated graphics for display rendering. Today (1/17/2020) I updated the driver and the resizing issue seems to be resolved.

The driver version I updated to is


I omitted that, I just use Nvidia graphics and open .dat file before anything. As long as it works I will stick to this.

@cory.quammen : We need to try the update asap.

On / Intel UHD 620 (the latest driver version offered by Lenovo for this system) the UI still breaks.

I also have a Lenovo laptop, but I went to Intel’s website to update this graphics driver. Version is dated as released on 11/26/2019.

The driver installer downloaded from Intel refused to install (said something about not being suitable for this ThinkPad). However, going to the device manager and updating the driver by right-clicking and letting it automatically update did the trick.

Now I’m on and Paraview is working again.

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