Paraview batch import 1-by-1


I have 100s of vtk files, where each one has a different model. Problem is the the name has the following structure
line_xxx.vtk where xxx is a number. If a drag and drop Paraview expects that this is a time series. How can I import al of the, without having to drag one by one?

  • File -> Open
  • Expand the root file
  • Select all file using Maj
  • Open

@mwestphal’s advice is great, but here is an alternate way to do it:

  1. Load your data as a time series
  2. Run the Group Time Series filter on it.

That will loop over everything that ParaView thinks is a time step and load it into a single multi-block data. A nice feature about this approach is that you don’t have to have an entry in the Pipeline Browser for every file; they will all be grouped together by this sequence of 2 filters. That will be helpful if you actually have 100s of files.

Thanks both. Very helpful reply :wink:

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