Paraview binaries fail to start on CentOS 7.5.1804


I have installed the ParaView 5.6.2 binaries on our universities HPC cluster. But when trying to start paraview, it only prints out a warning about a fontconfig issue and then abort.

The warning does not seem to be related to the crash.

[sfux@lo-login-02 ~]$ module load paraview
[sfux@lo-login-02 ~]$ paraview
Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/fonts.conf", line 146: blank doesn't take any effect anymore. please remove it from your fonts.conf
[sfux@lo-login-02 ~]$

How can such a problem be debugged ?

Any help is appreciated.

Best regards


What do you mean by installed ?
From a compiled Paraview ? From the distribution repository ? Downloaded from our website ?
Could you please download our binary release and see if that fixes the problem ?

Which OS are you using ?
(Edit: it’s in the title Centos 7.5)
Which GPU and GPU driver are you using ?

Copied from the old thread:

Ah, sorry. I missed the “Aborted” after that output. A backtrace from gdb would be very helpful. If it is during the load of some library, LD_DEBUG=libs can help trace what is getting loaded when. It could be a library path conflict.