paraview build examples


When I try to build paraview, I configure in cmake-gui with BUILD_EXAMPLES ON, then configure, generate,
then ninja.

everythings seem going well, but I just can not find where the example application is built. I can’t find them in ./bin folder where paraview.exe is generated.

is this the right way to build example application?


Be aware that it will take a very long time to build as all example dataset needs to be downloaded first, be patient or build individual examples instead.

The BUILD_EXAMPLES option should not be here and is unrelated, this is a (small) bug.

Did the PARAVIEW_ENABLE_EXAMPLES CMake option get removed? I still see the PARAVIEW_BUILD_EXAMPLES CMake option but that doesn’t seem to do anything in master right now.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be any dashboards that are building any of the ParaView examples. That seems to be a shortcoming too, doesn’t it? Would it be possible to have at least one dashboard building the examples so that we know that they’re working properly? The Catalyst Fortran examples don’t properly configure right now. I’m about to push a fix for that.

not sure about this @cory.quammen @ben.boeckel

When PARAVIEW_BUILD_EXAMPLES is enabled, ParaView adds tests prefixed by ParaViewExample that build each of the examples.

To build the examples, try running ctest -R ParaViewExample. You must have PARAVIEW_BUILD_TESTING cmake variable set to ON as well.

All examples will be built under separate directories under a directory named Examples in your build directory.

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