Paraview build with GDAL problem

I am trying to build paraview with GDAL enabled with no luck. I am on windows 10, with latest cmake (3.15.1) , Qt 5.12, VS 2019. I can make a build without GDAL enabled but with it I get errors (see attached file). I tried two different GDAL libraries GDAL (3.0.1) and Libgdal (3.0.1) from Anaconda Cloud and gdal (3.1.0) and gdal-dev (3.1.0) from OSGeo.
Is there a specific version/library of GDAL I need to use?
Should it work with VS compiler? I tried with ninja but with it I can’t even get a normal build.

I am new to building from source so I would appriciate your help.
build_errors.txt (10.0 KB)

You’ll need to compile GDAL using the same compiler as ParaView. I don’t know that 3.x is supported yet. We might only test against 2.3 at the moment. Please file an issue to get 3.x supported. @danlipsa