Paraview cannot read cell arrays containing colon in the name of the field

OpenFOAM sometimes uses name prefixes of the function object infront of the outputed field, like this


Paraview is then completely oblivious to these fields.

Weird things is, it only happens on Windows. Ubuntu distribution for example displays these fields without a problem.

Please share your data

Sorry it took that long. Here it is (164.1 KB)

The OpenFOAM version is v2312. I also noticed a few things, only the .foam reader is faulty, when I used foamToVTK to open a .vtm file in Paraview, I could see the fields containing a colon in the name. However the .vtm.series file also did not display the fields with a colon.

PS: Windows blocks zipping the files because of the colon in the name of a file, so I had to do it in the Ubuntu distro using WSL. I guess the same tactic would have to be used to unzip the files.

I confirm the field appears correctly in Linux. I’ll need to check windows when I can.