Paraview Can't Create Subdirectories in .vtkjs file

I have a series of CT slices that I’ve modeled in ParaView. I’d like to save the scene as a .vtkjs file, but when I try it, I get an error.

I’m using ParaView desktop 5.10.1 to…

  1. Open a stack of .tiff images (A stack of 2d float32 arrays, essentially)
  2. View the stack as a 3D image under the “Volume” representation.
  3. Rescaling and Editing the color map to make the region of interest visible.
  4. Clicking “Export Scene” and trying to export the scene as a .vtkjs file.

When I try to export, I get the following error:
"Can not create directory “*arbitrary path*\filename.vtkjs\1”

Is there something I’m supposed to be doing differently? Can this kind of data not be saved in .vtkjs format? Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hum that is strange. I just tried on mac with the wavelet and it worked for me when doing it on the desktop.

Which OS are you using? Did you tried various locations?