Paraview can't read vtk files

Paraview 5.10.0 can’t seem to open my vtk files from Liggghts. I tried to used plugin but it says the specified module could not be found. What should I do? I’ve attached my code below for reference.

inputt.txt (6.5 KB)

This is a Liggghts .txt file, not a .vtk file.

Hi, yes that is a Liggghts .txt file. On line 162 (dump dmpparticle all custom ${dumpstep} post/particles_*.vtk id type x y z vx vy vz fx fy fz radius mass), I output my particles as .vtk file. However, I can’t open my vtk file. Attached below is one the output .vtk file.
particles_500.vtk (71.1 KB)

This is not a VTK file, this is a LAMMPS atom style dump file format. Just naming it .vtk does not make it a vtk file.