ParaView Client Data Server Render Server Multi-Clients

I’m trying to use --multi-clients mode for a Client-Data-Server-Render-Server mode setup. I start the data server by using the following command:

pvdataserver --multi-clients

and I start the render server by using the following command:


I did not use the --multi-clients argument for pvrenderserver because I got the following error:

The following argument was not expected: --multi-clients

After starting both servers, I started the ParaView Desktop GUI client and connected to both servers successfully. However, upon starting a new instantiation of ParaView Desktop GUI client and trying to join as another user (to test multi-users), I got the following error log.

Everything is running on the same machine and I have successfully tested multi-clients with pvserver.

is only supported with pvserver but for true collaboration you should use/create a trame app on top of ParaView.

If I don’t run the dataserver and renderserver on the same machine as the ParaView client (I run them on a different but same machine or on two different machines), the ParaView client simply hangs on the connecting to the server wait prompt. Do you know what might be causing this issue?