Paraview Client/server connection - not responding


I am remotely connected to a cluster to use Paraview in my local pc with access to the cluster contents. The connection works and I get ‘Client connected’ in the cluster. And yesterday everything was fine and I could access everything. But today I was doing the same thing and as soon as I connected and went to the top of the paraview page to ‘File’ immediatly Paraview gets ‘Not responding’. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Thanks in advance.

Your server is hanging, but without more info, it’s not possible to help. Do you have some error message in the server output ?

In the server output I just get ‘Client connected’. There is really nothing else. And the weird thing is yesterday I connected without any problem but today it doesnt work. I am reinstalling paraview to see what happens.

So, I reinstalled it but it keeps happening. It didnt happen once and then kept happening. I dont understand the reason

Try Edit menu → Reset to Default Settings and see if that helps.

Update: turns out just if I just wait a few minutes after Paraview not responding signal that it works 8/10 times. Still dont understand what’s happening. But at least it works :slight_smile:

Connection can take some time in ParaView 5.10. It is better in 5.11.

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