Paraview closes when trying to open a simple vtk file


I am trying to open this file in Paraview:

Poligono1.vtk (338 Bytes)

But Paraview closes when trying to open it. One strange thing is that this file has worked once and it has a very simple geometry with vtk_triangles. What may be happening? Can you help, please?




Your file is ill-formed: if you open it in a text editor you can see at line 24 that a cell is declared containing the point id 8 but you have only 7 points (so max id should be 6).

That said, in my opinion, a warning should be displayed instead of a crash …

Feel free to open a bug report (maybe on the VTK repository[assignee_id]=&issue[milestone_id]=) and thanks for reporting !


Thanks for helping me figure out the problem!
In fact, a warning would have made it easier to find the error.

Thank you again,


VTK’s legacy readers just need to be redone to not trust their input so much. I’ve got a nice pile of crashers laying around for anyone interested in fixing the bugs (though I suspect just following the specs and writing new implementations would be more productive).

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