Paraview collapses when I try to import Fluent .case

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I’m trying to post process my Fluent simulation (75 m poly-hex core mesh) into Paraview. Therefore, I have exported my data in Ensight Gold format. After that, I have changed manually the .encas file into .case file. I have done the same proccedure with smaller mesh problems (e.g. 10 M cells) and I have not experienced any problem. I thought about a RAM problem but since my computer has around 700 GB RAM and during the opening trial it does not reach the maximum capacity, I guess it is not the problem. Has anyone any thought about what could lead to this problem? Btw, I’m using Paraview 5.10 and Fluent 2020 R1. Thank you so much in advance!!

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How about using Memory Inspector to see how much RAM is being used for 10 M-cell data, and then multiply that usage by 7.5 to see if there is still enough RAM?

View > Memory Inspector

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Hi Kyoshimi, thank you for your reply!

I found a solution to the problem as follows:

I exported the results data in Ensight enabling Ensight Parallel. Then, I loaded all the .case for all the partitions into Paraview and afterwards, I merge all the data files into a datagroup within Paraview.

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