Paraview compilation in Manjaro KDE 18.1.0


I was trying to compile Paraview from the Thirdparty folder of OpenFOAM-v1906. The build process always fails at 5% when it reaches the target QtTesting. I have attached the log file of the compilation process. Can anyone let me know why the build fails ?

My operating system is Manjaro KDE 18.1.0.

Compile_Paraview_Log_2.txt (975.0 KB)

Praphul T

Hi @praphult
We do not develop OpenFOAM, so I would recommend using one of our release instead.
Why do you need to build ParaView though ? Using the binary release would be much simpler.

Thank you @mwestphal for the reply. Manjaro does provide Paraview 5.6.2 in its repositories. As a part of my learning curve on opensource platforms, I thought it will be a good experience if I try to build it from scratch - Getting my hands dirty kind of thing.

Earlier, I saw a post in the Paraview forum where a user had issues with Paraview and qt and the OpenFOAM personnel had told to report it in Paraview forums as the issue was linked with Paraview and qt. That is the reason I posted it here.

Praphul T

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Great to hear !
We have a compilation guide here :

This should get you started.