ParaView crash on openFoam case file

I need to post-process CFD results outputs from OpenFOAM.
I have many cases with almost similar geometry but different variables so I created a template pipeline to load for each case instead of creating the same each time. My case size is about 2GB and polyMesh size is ~6GB. Sometimes it manages to load starting with outlines feature without any datapoints but then I change it to surface and choose variables needed. I can see almost the full RAM is being utilized (I’m using a 64GB RAM machine) so I’m not sure if the reason is RAM shortage causing PW to crash or if there is any feature in ParaView allowing me to load the case progressively to prevent overloading it.
I noticed anytime I reboot the machine, Paraview opens the files better but will crash on my next case again. So my question is there any way that Paraview can load files more smoother? Thanks in advance for any tips.

please share your file

Thanks, I sent a link to your inbox.

I’m able to open your file with 12Gb of memory:

I’ve disabled the following options:

  • Create cell-to-point array
  • All cell arrays
  • Cache mesh
  • Decompose Polyhedra
  • Lagrangian positions