ParaView Crash when making selection on large scale vtkMultiBlockDataSet

To reprocuce:

  1. Open ply list in my uploaded zip file
  2. Filters-> Group Time Step
  3. Press ‘D’(for select points on) to select point
  4. Click somewhere in the view which shows filter output

I have tried to upload file, but some error occurred, I put the zip file here in google driver.

Some additional information I have tested:

  1. Select points through(‘G’) will not crash as ‘D’
  2. Group Time Step will print Warning message:
    Warning: In D:\dev\ParaView57\ParaViewCore\ServerManager\Rendering\vtkSMPVRepresentationProxy.cxx, line 277
    vtkSMPVRepresentationProxy (0000014BC185C090): Could not determine array range.


I couldn’t reproduce this in ParaView 5.9.0-RC3. There was a recent fix to a crash when selecting points in large datasets. I recommend upgrading ParaView if you can.

I have tested 5.9RC3, fixed:) Thanks for your reply!

Could you please tell me which merge requests or issues fix this bug? I may try to pick these changes to my local repo. In fact I am using v5.7 and waitting to upgrade paraview for non-ascii filename reading issue fixed (here).

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