ParaView crashes,if loading compiled sample PropertyWidgets

Hi all,

I found a problem that examples\Plugins\PropertyWidgets result in crash for paraview release x64 version.
Below is my steps to reproduce the problem.

  • Compile ParaView with CMAKE and vs2015 for release x64 version. All features are OK.
  • Compile sample located in examples\Plugins\PropertyWidgets for release x64 version.
  • Startup compiled paraview, then loading the ExamplesPropertyWidgets.dll, paraview crashing. (Both paraview and ExamplesPropertyWidgets.dll are release version.)
  • It is confusing that debug version works fine when loading debug ExamplesPropertyWidgets.dll.

My environment is as follows:

  • ParaView version: 5.5.2 and 5.6.0
  • Qt version: 5.9.6
  • CMake version: 3.13.0
  • Compiler: VS2015


Hello, welcome to the community.

are you able to build and load the following default plugins:


Hi, Thank you for your reply.

The plugins LagrangianParticleTracker and StreamLinesRepresentation can be loaded normally in both Debug and Release modes, as shown below:


These plugins are based on the same architecture as the example plugin.

What errors are you having ?

For the Debug version of ParaView, select the Debug version of PropertyWidgets via Tools->Manage Plugins, and the loading is successful;
For the Release version of ParaView, select the Release version of PropertyWidgets via Tools->Manage Plugins, and ParaView crashes and exits.


can you try building with ninja instead of visual studio ?

I have not been able to reproduce your issue. Release plugin on release ParaView works great.