ParaView crashes when I try to open certain files

I’m trying to use ParaView version 5.10.1 to view exodus files created by the MOOSE finite element modelling software. My ParaView starts up fine and is able to load certain .e files (5000 KB) such as those I created during MOOSE’s tutorial. I’ve been running larger simulations in MOOSE (.e files are ~50 MB) and ParaView immediately crashes when I try to open them with it. No error message displays so I have no idea what the root cause of this is. Can anyone offer some ideas on what to do? Thanks.

Hi @JFihosy ,

Please share your data.

Hi @mwestphal ,

SampleMOOSEImpDesorb_out.e (3.8 MB)
Here’s an example of a file it can’t run. It’s just a typical output file but I massively cut down the time simulation runs for to meet the 4MB file limit here. ParaView crashes even when it try to load this file.

step1a_out.e (3.4 MB)
Meanwhile here’s a file that my ParaView is able to load without issue. Hopefully this helps.


This is an actual issue in the IOSSReader, please open an issue on our gitlab:

How much do you know about this issue? Are there any more details you can suggest I give besides what I’ve told you already?

I have a backtrace, I’ll add it to the issue. Just make sure to include the data in your issue, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks. I have raised the issue. Link is here: IOSSReader error causes ParaView to crash when opening certain exodus files (#21474) · Issues · ParaView / ParaView · GitLab (
Thanks for the help so far :slight_smile:

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