Paraview crashes when I use the delauny2D filter

I have the following csv file. When I try to use the Delauny2D filter, paraview crashes:
delauny.pvsm (64.4 KB)
Could you please tell me why it crashes?:

I’m unable to reproduce your issue with ParaView 5.6 and 5.7.
Which version ParaView are you using ?

I tested that on Paraview 5.4, 5.6.0, and 5.6.2 versions on Windows 7 (Intel Xeon, 20GB RAM).
But I noticed that it doesn’t crash when I remove some lines, for example using awk

echo "x-coord,y-coord,z-coord,vel-mag" > new_vel_field.csv
cat velocity_field.csv | awk -F, '$1<4.5' >> new_vel_field.csv

This works fine. But I am still curious why it doesn’t work with the original csv file velocity_field.csv? How can I debug that?

I built and ran a vtk program which reads the points contained in velocity_field.csv and applies the vtkDelaunay2D filter with VS 2017. And it eventually crashed with a stack overflow within vtkDelaunay2D::FindTriangle function that is the recursive.
Delaunay2D.7z (684.1 KB)

If I increase the stack size using the Linker property System > Stack Reserve Size (ex. 1000000000), it definitely can avoid the stack overflow. But I’m afraid I don’t know a drastic solution.