Paraview crashes when importing LS-Dyna d3plot files

I am trying to import LS-Dyna d3plot files, but Paraview keeps on crashing when I click apply. I have tried the following versions without any luck:

  • ParaView-5.9.1-Windows-Python3.8-msvc2017-64bit.exe
  • ParaView-5.10.1-Windows-Python3.9-msvc2017-AMD64.exe
  • ParaView-5.11.0-Windows-Python3.9-msvc2017-AMD64.msi

I even tried reducing the file sizes, and I also updated my NVIDIA graphics driver.

I am working on a very decent Dell Precision 7560 laptop with 64 GB RAM, and Windows 10 Pro. I have an NVIDIA RTX A2000 laptop GPU. So, I don’t think hardware is an issue.

I have successfully imported d3plot files into Paraview before. On the odd occasion, I have run into problems, but I can’t seem to resolve the issue this time.

Please may someone assist.

Hi Wade, welcome to the ParaView community!

Is there any chance you can share a data file that causes the crash? Without that, it’s hard to say what might be going awry.

We have a group here that uses SPH and eroding mesh elements in LS-Dyna. I don’t know which, but one of those causes Paraview to crash. It’s either the SPH or the fact that they are eroding elements.

Might either of those be in the file that won’t load?

@David_Ortley I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but I’ve recently used a LS-DYNA d3plot that has SPH and eroding elements without issue. I’m developing an application using ParaView (VTK, actually) that needs to read d3plot files and it’s hard to find example datasets (my group doesn’t use LS-DYNA itself). Seeing your comment worries me that there’s some unique case that I’m not accounting for in my application. Are you able to share one of those troublesome datasets?

If not, and your group is interested in seeing why mine works, I am able to share mine.

No, I’m not using either. In the past, I did some ballistic analyses using element erosion and SPH, where I also had some difficulties with Paraview for post-processing. It was a while ago, so I don’t remember exactly what happened. In the end, I think I just told Paraview to represent the (SPH) points as spheres, but I don’t think I could fringe damage etc. (I could be wrong; my memory isn’t always good).