Paraview Crashes when open file


I am trying to open a group of VTK files in ParaView v5.8.0. but it crashes when I hit apply after loading the files.
The software was working okay a month ago.

Help is appreciated.

Thank You.

Welcome to the ParaView community, Khush!

If things use to work, and now they don’t, frequently it is an issue with configuration files. Remove them by running ParaView, then Edit/ Reset to Default Settings. Please keep backups (that is one option). If it doesn’t gets fixed, please post these files here, so developers can figure out what went wrong.

My computer has Nvidia Quadro T1000 Graphic card. when I disable it, paraview works okay but while graphics card enabled, it doesn’t.
How can I fix it? Please elaborate.

How do you disable/enable your card ?

Hi, I do it from the device manager.

Everything points to a driver issue, do you have this problem only with the file you mentioned ?