Paraview crashes when opening every state file (even empty ones)

Hello, I am having problem with Paraview. It always crashes when opening state files. Even when I save an empty state file with no data and load it next, bam! paraview is gone. I tried this in at least 6 different paraview releases, and the problem is the same among all versions.

I am using Win10 and the trouble started when I changed my graphics card from Nvidia GTX to AMD FirePro7100. This could be the source of trouble but it seems not fundamental at all, Paraview runs and renders perfectly otherwise I just can’t load any states.

Can someone help me point to a solution or workaround? For bigger projects working without state files is quite annoying.

My best guess is to have you remove your configuration files.

First, install and ONLY run ParaView 5.5.2.

Next, try Edit/ Reset to Default Settings. Please select Yes, and backup current settings. Restart ParaView…

Now, try to see if you can create, and reload a state file.

Thank you very much! Resetting to default settings has solved the problem and Paraview is working fine again.

Below is a backup of the settings that caused the crash:
ParaView5.10.1.ini.bak (25.0 KB)