Paraview crashes when Plot Selection Over Time is used for larger dataset

I am trying use Plot Selection Over Time for single probe in 2D domain. I have a time series composed of about 3000 steps and I noticed when I use dataset of about 900 or more steps Paraview is working just for a sec (the status bar at the bottom is refresing), after that, loading icon appears and Paraview crashes.

I assume it could be something similiar to issue 20808, but my sequence to reproduce is much simpler

  • Load data set of about 900 steps or more

  • Create Probe, set center e.g. [0.25,0,0]

  • Select the single row in the spreadsheet and use Plot Selection Over Time

  • After pressing apply Paraview works for about one second and then crashes

whole data set of 3000 steps: (204.09 MB file on MEGA)
first 800 steps of the whole data set:
(54.5 MB file on MEGA)

I am using ParaView 5.12.0 and my OS is Win11.

I noticed that, if I open the same data set in Paraview on Linux(Ubuntu 22.04) through WSL2 and apply the same process, then the Paraview wont crash even for the whole set of 3000 steps.