Paraview crashes when saving pngs from pvtp files

I have a series of parallel XML polyline files as (*.pvtp and *.vtp) files in base64 binary format (uncompressed) loaded into paraview. The visualization process works normally. However, when I try to save animation into a series of png files, paraview just crashes. Here is a bit more details:
(1) Paraview 5.5.2 works fine for both visualization and png rendering
(2) Paraview 5.6.0 crashes on pvtp files. But if I first convert all pvtp and vtp files into non-parallel vtp format or legacy vtk format in paraview and reload data, then png sequences can be rendered. There are still warnings like ‘missing View()’, but the pngs are normal
(3) Paraview 5.6.1 crashes even if I convert the data into legacy vtk or non-parallel vtp format.
(4) All crash cases can be reproduced on Windows10, macOS 10.14, CentOS 7.5 and Ubuntu 18.04. I also compiled paraview 5.6.0 from superbuild on Ubuntu18.04, and got the same problem.

Is there a workaround for this? The main motivation of using 5.6 is the new particle filter where particle trajectories can be easily visualized. Is there a way to use this feature back in 5.5.2?

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Here is a group of example files that crashes Paraview 5.6.1. Every visualization functions work normally, but crashes when saving the animation into a sequence of png files.

The file is around 30MB and available on this dropbox link

How to reproduce: use the pvsm file in this tar ball to load the 3 frame pvtp data files. Then in paraview do ‘File -> save animations’, choose a png sequence.


I confirmed the crash on ParaView 5.6.1 on macOS. However, on ParaView’s master branch, from which 5.7.0 will soon be produced, I cannot reproduce the crash. I opened an issue here, but unless someone else can reproduce on master, I will close the issue.

Unable to reproduce on ArchLinux with ParaView 5.6.1 binary release. Could you give exact steps to reproduce ?

Following those steps, I was able to reproduce the crash.

Thank you for confirming this! For now, is there a precompiled version of master-branch that I can use? Is there a rough timeline for next release?

Go to and select “Nightly” from the popup menu with the versions.

5.7 should be out in about a month.

Thank you! I just tried this version and a sequence of 5000 pngs were generated without error or warnings. I will keep an eye on the release of 5.7.0.

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