Paraview crashes when slice

Hello, the paraview version is 5.9.1, when I slice the modal in normal z direction, paraview crashes immediately without any prompt, could someone help me fix this issue? The file is attached below. Thanks a lot.

Please update to last release

Thansk for your kind reply. I used paraview 5.12.0, but paraview also crushes immediately.

Hello, could someone help me fix this issue?

Thanks for providing your data. I am unable to reproduce the crash with ParaView 5.12.0 on macOS with builtin server.

Attached is the ParaView state file I tested. xq_slice_state.pvsm (307.4 KB) It loads the file you shared and then applies a Slice filter aligned with the Z-normal at the default Origin. Does that match what you are doing?

Thanks a lot, that’s what I need. But I used your xq_slice_state.pvsm file in my computer, paraview also crushes immediately. I installed the paraview 5.12.0 in windows, and I don’t know why this happened.

Let’s try something else. Try Edit menu → Reset to Default Settings and restart ParaView. Then try again.

Thanks a lot.
I unchecked the box for Triangulate the slice, then I can apply Slice filiter successfully. Will this operation have any effect?

By the way, how could you get the figure you supported? because the red plane seems to come with the outline, it can’t be canceled.

Interesting. It completes successfully for me with or without Triangulate the slice checked, so if there is an error, I am perhaps getting lucky not hitting it on my system.

Uncheck the “Show Plane” checkbox and the widgets will disappear.