ParaView crashes when trying to extract selection using a polyhedral VTU file (ascii or binary)

Here’s the workflow to reproduce the crash. Extract files in the zipped folder TestVTK.

  1. Open ParaView on Windows x64 and load the file “ascii.vtu” (note that “binary.vtu” crashes as well)
  2. Use frustum selection to select a set of cells (the “Select Cells Through (f)” on the toolbar).
  3. Click Filters > Alphabetical > Extract Selection (ParaView crashes here)
  4. Oddly enough, the same polyhedral mesh with a legacy VTK file works without issues (also attached: “ascii.vtk”) (77.9 KB)

Welcome to the ParaView community, Sandeep!

I just tested this on the nightly build (I used Linux), and no crashes. Mind retesting with a nightly build?

Very, very well written bug, by the way. Thanks.

Hi Walter,

Ok, it’s a bit finicky in trying to get it to crash. Could you perform a few random frustum selections / extraction attempts (i.e., delete the extraction and retry)? Sometimes it even crashes with just the selection and no extraction. I can confirm that it occasionally works for me as well, which smells like it depends on the type of selection. I’m currently unable to run on Linux… Could you try with a Windows build?

As a developer myself, I certainly appreciate a well written bug, so it’s only fair that I occasionally return the favor :slight_smile:

Yep, I replicated it in last nights build. Will get it fixed. Linux doesn’t show it, but OS X does.

Thanks for posting.