paraview crashes

Hello, when the paraview client reads larger data, it crashes. How can I do it? Thank you!

We cannot do much without more informations. Can you provide:

  • context: OS, version of ParaView, data type, data size, error message …
  • steps to reproduce: what you did exactly, how to reproduce the crash

Win10,paraview5.8,vtk,the data size is 15.6M.
When I use paraview to read, it will directly exit the client.

Can you share the data please ?

MyAirPlane_FillTets.rar (3.4 MB)
This is my data, thank you!

This may be my own problem, I think there may be a problem with the connection order of the points, thank you very much!

Hello, when I adjust the data correctly, ParaView still crashes directly.
This is my new data:MyAirPlane_FillTets.rar (3.5 MB)

Your file contains 157842 points, so the max point id is 157841. But the Cell list refers to points beyond this id (see line 420873: 6 250780 250740 250800 250781 250741 250801). This is unsupported.