Paraview crashing - hardware enquiry


I’m having trouble processing neutron and X-ray tomography data through Paraview 5.8.0. If the dataset is larger the program crashes and closes immediately. When the dataset is smaller it is initially okay, but struggles with additional commands and data processing requirements until it crashes.

I feel part of the problem lies with my hardware, and was wondering if you had any advice regarding upgrading components? I’ve included the details of my current set up below.

OS: Windows 10
Processor: AMD Phenom™ II x6, ~3.2 GHz
Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series
Hard drives: Two regular hard drives, 3.64 TB and 1.82 TB respectively.

Best wishes,

Hi Chloe,
From my experience, crashes almost always occur due to lack of memory. Also, if things start to go SLOW, again, it is frequently that you have run out of memory, and the OS is trying to free memory to a swap file. The way to see your memory footprint is with the View/ Memory Inspector. Next, to fix crashes, first thing to try would be buy more memory.

please share your data @Chloe_Pearce

I’ve uploaded one of my datasets (5GB) to Google Drive, is that suitable?


Please see a link to the Drive folder below. You’ll the complete dataset for BAT5 inside the folder.

Thank you!

I’m able to open any .tiff file in your archive, and the .dat doesn’t open but does not crash ParaView.

Could you provide precise steps to reproduce ?