Paraview crashing in Mac for simple mesh.


I was trying to use Paraview for visualization of a simple mesh data with 16 HEX8 elements and has 50 data set with nodal values and 5 set with cell values. It loads perfectly and also I can visualize the data set without any problem with ‘Surface’ turned on. But if I turn on the ‘Surface with Mesh’ then there is weird graphics issue that pops up. And if I select ‘Hover cells on’ to investigate the data of a particular cell, it crashes immediately. I have tried with some other mesh but same issue.
CrashReport_Paraview.txt (136.4 KB)

Attached is the crash report from Mac.

Subhendu Chakraborty
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Please share your data

This looks like a known issue on some Macs. See "Surface With Edges" rendering goes wild when viewing multidimensional meshes and I get it sometimes on my Mac, too.

The weird graphics are well reported. I haven’t heard about the crash, but I was able to replicate that on my Mac as well. I only got the crash if I was in Surface with Mesh mode. If I put it back in Surface mode, I did not see an issue. I expect the two issues are related.

Attached is the exodus file.
Data_ParaviewCrash_2023-09-28-01-37-38.e (600.3 KB)

Thanks for the information.
The work around mentioned in those links will be enough for me for the time being.