Paraview crashing when adding Links


I am currently working on two different datasets. I created layouts and deltas and managed to link the cameras. However, I want to be able to link the slices origins, normals … so that the comparison is direct when changing some properties on one Slice and applies to the others.
But Paraview (I have v5.10.0) keeps crashing whenever I try to create object or property links.
Could you help me on this please ?


please share steps to reproduce

Hello Mathieu,

I have two datasets:

(269_Right_DIFF04_02_HS_06 and 269_Right_DIFF04_01_HS_06)

Then I created a layout with the different views but I am not allowed to share it to you unfortunately.
But it is basically 4 views:
Top left Vel slice for first dataset
Top right Vel slice for second dataset
Bottom right Delta velocity
Bottom left window to overlay one slice on another

Then I linked the cameras (it worked properly)

And now I want to automatize the slice origin / normal change on all windows at the same time.
So I go in Tools → Manage Links → Add → Property link
On left side: Sources → Slice1 → Plane → Origin (or Normal)
On right side: Sources → Slice2 → Plane → Origin (or Normal)
And when I click on Ok, Paraview takes some time, if I click again it shows ‘Does not respond’ and then crashes.

Thanks for your help,

Works perfectly here (ParaView 5.10 binary release, ArchLinux)

Peek 2022-02-25 10-07

You’re right if I create a new file without all the views it does not crash
Could it be due to an overstack ?
If so, how can I solve it ?

No idea what you mean, I cant help unless you explain to me how to reproduce the issue.