Paraview crashing when trying to select cells

Hello, I am not very experienced with ParaView, but today I got a segmentation fault and the program crashed when using a feature that I have used many times with other projects. I’ll explain the steps I follow that lead to the crash.

  1. Open “mir2_grid.pvd” (See attachment)
  2. Apply
  3. Press “Find data” (v)
  4. Select cells with “Select cells on” (s)

After doing the selection is where I get the segmentation error and ParaView crashes.

I have thought of uninstalling paraview and reinstalling latest version, but I’m not very fluent with linux and I have saved that option as a last resource.

Thank you.

mir2_grid.pvd (3.3 KB)

.pvd file is not enough, you need to share the actual data as well.

Yes, sorry, I missed the data folder.

This the data folder, I have uploaded al files in a link for download as there are many iterations and the attachment didn’t let me upload the entire folder at once.

Again, the steps I follow that lead to the segmentation error are the mentioned in the original post.

Thank you!

I reproduce on 5.9.1, this seems to have been fixed in paraview master though

I have built paraview master following these instructions, and tried to plot selection over time, and I obtain the same segmentation error and crash, just after selecting the cells I want to analyze.

Maybe I have not built the master version in a correct manner, because I don’t understand what else I might be doing wrong.