paraview csv output interrupt

When I had some time series data (about 5000 time steps) that needed to be stored in CSV through Paraview, I found that the program would exit on its own, but I didn’t get the desired data. When I performed the same operation using PVPython, the same error occurred. I want to know how to support me in generating the required CSV files?

please share data and step to reproduce.

The following link is an accompanying part of the data, and after my testing, it is not possible to fully generate the corresponding CSV file for this part.

During the process of outputting the CSV file, I took the following steps:

  1. Load all vtk files

  2. Use “plot over line”

  3. Use “save data”

Next, the corresponding CSV file size increases, and the program automatically exits.

you need to provide access to the files.


I have already opened the permissions

Unable to reproduce using ParaView 5.12.0 binary release on Linux.