paraview dashboard is nasty

All developers please take a quick look. If you spot something that you know how to fix quickly, please do so. It is usually the case that a couple of well placed fixes will clean up the results substantially.

Don’t make me organize another hackathon now!

I like hackathon though :slight_smile:

I take this one :


master Dashboards have been cleaned up quite a bit in the past week.

Only outstanding issues (besides warnings) are:

  1. luigi
  2. TestDevelopmentInstall on icc

Can we clean those up too soon please?

As often seems to happen, luigi seems to be in a state where views in certain tests are zoomed out. @mwestphal any idea why that happens? It usually goes away after X is restarted, I believe.

Sadly not this time. I restarted it and the issues did not go away. I will investigate asap.

Also, looks like vall is not testing anything.

vall has 2 builders. One with +doc and one without it. The one with +doc only does builds and runs no tests, hence it shows up the way it does.

Ok ! Too bad there is no way to clarify that on cdash

I fixed the issues on luigi.

Dres seems to be broken.

Once again, dialogs from failed ParaView tests were left open on dres. I have attempted to fix this a number of times, to no effect.