Is there a way to disable the download step ? Since we are using a vtk 8.0.1, we are now getting “HTTP response code said error” errors during the ExternalData downloading step.

I have set these two variables but i’m still getting errors.


thank you

Do you have any recommendations, @brad.king?

FWIW the last URL that reported Couldn't connect to server does exist here. CMake should know how to follow the http-to-https redirect during download. The download should succeed.

One could turn off BUILD_TESTING completely to avoid getting any test data downloaded.

According to local testing, VTK_DATA_EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL and PARAVIEW_DATA_EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL exclude dependencies on the VTKData and ParaViewData targets except from some source packaging targets. I’d need more information about how to reproduce the problem to help further:

  • With what version of ParaView did you try to use VTK 8.0.1? How was the source tree prepared?
  • What “cmake” command line was used to generate the build tree?
  • What build command (e.g. “make”) was used to build it?


We are using Paraview 5.3 with VTK 8.0.1

cmake -G Ninja

build command :

ctest -S /worker/project-Test/dashboard/dashboard.cmake -R Testproject ‘-DCTEST_CMAKE_GENERATOR=“Ninja”’ -DCTEST_TEST_TIMEOUT:STRING=250 -DCTEST_SOURCE_DIRECTORY:PATH=/worker/project-Test/project -DCTEST_BINARY_DIRECTORY:PATH=/worker/project-Test/project_build -DCTEST_MODEL:STRING=Experimental -DCTEST_BUILD_BUILDER_NAME:STRING=project-Test -DCTEST_BUILD_NUMBER:STRING=377 -DCTEST_SITE:STRING=projectDockerAWS -Dctest_parallel_level:STRING=24

I am currently moving my cmake configure/build/test logic to my dashboard cmake. I am trying to replicate the ParaView flow from open.cdash

I need the BUILD_TESTING since I am testing our state file.

Is there a way to make the ExternalData step give a warning instead of producing an error. My temporary solution was to deactivate the download functions in paraview/cmake/ExternalData.cmake

Setting PARAVIEW_DATA_EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL:BOOL=ON worked for me yesterday.