paraview display data

Hello everyone, since I am very unfamiliar with paraview, I would like to ask you some questions. I want to use paraview to display the triangular prism grid. Can the data be visualized, or what should I do to display the triangular prism grid data? Thank you!

I’m afraid your question is not clear enough to get an answer. Can you clarify ?

Hello, I know that paraview can open data such as tetrahedrons and hexahedrons, but my current data is a triangular prism, I don’t know if I can use paraview to visualize the results, thank you!

VTK and ParaView supports Wedge cells, which is a more generic version of a triangular prism.

Thank you very much, since I am very unfamiliar with paraview, how can I use it to open my triangular prism data?

Which file format is your data ? If the file format is supported, just open it with ParaView.

My original data format is not supported by paraview. I imitated the vtk format of a hexahedron and converted it. However, since I have not learned the vtk format of a triangular prism, when using paraview to read data, I can only read point information, but not Take the volume information of the triangular prism.

This is more a VTK question. In any case, refer to this document :

Ok, thank you very much!