Paraview displays nothing when choosing Nvdia IndeX option

Hi there,
I loaded the pvNVIDIAIndeX plugin from the Plugin Manager and created a waveform source to test it and it worked.
However when I load my own Unstructured Grid Data and choose Nvidia IndeX display option, everything just disappears. Interestingly, the waveform source also stop displaying suddenly and if I click hide and then show on the waveform source, the whole program crashes.
The error in the windows log looks like this: would really appreciate any help!
Here’s a link to a video capture of the error in action:

What is your GPU and GPU driver ?

I updated the driver before running this actually- here are the specs

Can you also share the last part of the Help -> About dialog in ParaView please ?

Sorry about the delay-
Here’s a screenshot. looks the GPU is detected.