paraview down after clicking play button for certain file


I have two set time series data (pvd files). I open those files with paraview. One set is OK; I can open it and click the “play” button. However, the other set is not OK, I can open it but the first file (#0) only, I see the number of total the vtu files (> 0), but when I click the “play” or “next” button, paraview down and I get this message in terminal:

paraview: /build/paraview-tTvMlT/paraview-5.4.1+dfsg3/VTK/IO/XML/vtkXMLDataReader.cxx:297: virtual void vtkXMLDataReader::SetupOutputData(): Assertion `this->NumberOfPointArrays == this->PointDataArraySelection->GetNumberOfArraysEnabled()’ failed.
Aborted (core dumped)


By the way, I can open the vtu files one by one. I have no clue why the second set data make paraview down.

Thanks for your help.

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please share your data.

Please find attached 2 zipped files.
Btw, I’m using ParaView 5.4.1 32-bit on Ubuntu 18. (195.9 KB) (81.2 KB)

Thank you

You array are changing names over time.

This has already been fixed in ParaView, but to be able to visualize it correctly, your arrays should have the same name anyway. You should fix that.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand about “the array changing names over time”. I have checked again the pvd file and it contains all vtu files needed.

The pvd (heat_t.pvd) file contains:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

and the vtu files can be seen on list-vtu.png

So, which one I should fix?
Thank you

If you open each file individually, you can see the name of the array is different. They need to be the same. You can fix that using the Calculator filter.

Thank you, I understand now, I’ve opened the vtu file and I find the correct set has uniform array name: Name=“f_12”, but the crash set has different name. I check the first 3 files, I get: Name=“f_22”, Name=“f_40”, and Name=“f_58”.

I correct them manually using text editor, now the crash set works fine. Thank you, I know now what makes Paraview down. But, now I have another question regarding the calculator.

Before using text editor, I try to edit the array name using calculator as you suggested. I apply the pvd file, then I click the calculator, I call Result Array Name: Result and choose f_22 on Scalars. Then, I choose coloring with Result (not f_22), see figure C-1.png.
However, the Paraview down again after I click next frame. I guess, the next figure still have the old array name, f_something, doesn’t change to “Result” yet. How to make calculator change all array names automatically?

Thanks again.

You have to do it manually for each file, not for the .pvd file.

I see, I think it’s better to edit the vtu file with a text editor than using the calculator.
Thanks again for the explanation. Have a good day.


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