Paraview Export to csv alignment error

Dear All,

I have an issue related to exporttocsv option in paraview.

  1. I have a .vti file extension which contains around 6 million datapoints. I need the coordinates of these datapoints to be exported in a csv file.

  2. I tried to export only the coordinate points to csv. But, I still get 5 columns while the first being “vtkOriginalIndices” and next being (x,y,z) and last being “vtkIsSelected”. How to export only (x,y,z) columns by elimating the other two…??

  3. Even though I export to csv file, the alignment of the values of the column after some rows is not proper. For my case, the value of rows from 1024 to rest is deviated by one column and how to avoid that while exporting…??

I have attached a link to my csv file. Since, the data points is huge, the size is also use. Please check the datapoints from 1024th rows to rest. We can see that the xcoordinate has become 0 for rest to rows which means that the coordinate points are moved by 1 column.

Please let me know how to correct the bug.


Thanks and Regards,

Sunag R A.