Paraview for MSC Marc Mentat

As a MSC Marc Mentat user, the standard result file format I get is .t16 ( additionally .t19, .hwascii, .h5, .op2 files can be created using .t16 file) but none of these files are supported with Paraview 5.10.1 for windows.
I tried importing .h5 file but it is showing errors( Error reference image is attached below)

which file format from MSC Marc Mentat could be used for Paraview?

Hi @Avinash147

I’m afraid this format is not supported by ParaView yet. You may want to export/convert to another format.


Hello Mathieu,

do you suggest any format for MSC Marc Mentat solver?

Thanks in advance.

Thats a question for MSC.

ParaView support a wide range of formats, you can see the list by clicking file->Open.


Thank you very much.