ParaView frame/view size

I’m switching from Tecplot to ParaView, and find ParaView really powerful in many many aspects. But what I haven’t been used to Paraview is that there’s no easy way to customize the frame/view size for every figure I plot. Instead, I have to output the figure first, and then use some tools to crop it to the desired size. But when I later include this figure to a paper, the font size or line width might not be consistent with those of the paper. In Tecplot, the default canvas is a letter-size paper, and I can easily customize the size of a frame with respect to it to get a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” figure for publications, and I never have to worry about inconsistency of font size or line width, etc. Since I’m pretty new to ParaView, I’m wondering is there any quick way to do similar thing? Thanks.


You can select the font size for each text element in ParaView then select the size of the screenshot when taking it.

Did you try that ?

Thanks, I’ll try that.