ParaView Fullscreen under Windows?

Dear All,
I have a Windows10 system, on which I would like to run ParaView in a client/server mode, that is, the client on display1, the server, completely fullscreen on display2. Has anyone tried this? If I start pvserver from cmd like “pvserver.exe -display “\.\DISPLAY2” -tdx=1 -tdy=1” and connect from ParaView, then it partially works, but prints a lot of connection errors. But regardless which display I choose, I got the names from running “pvserver.exe --print-monitors”, it always ends up on the primary display, and produces visual artifacts when interacting. Any suggestions?
Thanks so much!
Cheers, Niklas

I managed to solve the issue about the “visual artifacts”, which is actually a feature from ParaView when rendering client/server. I am sorry for this.
But I am still not able to put the view on the second screen. Regardless which of the display names I use, they all end up on Display 1. Any Ideas? I am using v 5.6
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The window has a fixed position, right? That’s because pvserver is expected to run on a different machine. What is your goal in running the client and server on the same machine?

Dear Cory,

thanks for the reply. We plan to use it in a mobile dome. It’s a
cooperation between HZG and DKRZ, here’s a view from the outside:

The system is driven by a Windows server, has one operator view, primary
display, and a compound display, composited by 6 projectors, resulting
in a 4kx4k view. Thanks to Kitware SAS, and here especially @Michael, we
now can render animation in 360° and dome format. But really cool would
be to have a live demo, therefore I was asking, in a hope to have the
gui on the primary view, and the visualization on the server fullscreen
on the compound display.

But we might be able to work something out to use a second server, run
pvserver on this one to generate the 4kx4k image, and stream it back in.
I’ll keep you informed, as this will be pretty cool. :wink:

Thanks and Cheers, Niklas

Very cool!

In ParaView, you can create a second Layout and a view within that layout that you could move to the second display and make it full screen. Would that work for you? Doing that, you don’t need to use pvserver at all, and you can have the GUI on a different screen and make live changes on the dome screen.

Dear Cory,
Thanks for the reply. I did not know that. This might be the solution. If you’re in Hamburg one day, please let me know, then we’ll make a tour to Geesthacht, and you can see this for yourself.
Cheers, Niklas

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Sounds great, I will take you up on that!

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