Paraview Glance - default "Color By" (.vtu files)

When loading a vtu/vtp file into Paraview (desktop), the scalar data array as identified within the CellData node is selected by default within the “Color By” tool, visualizing it automatically.

Within paraview glance, only the solid color is used by default. For example, glance provides an example “202-t.vtp”, which when loaded through the glance file correctly applies the “Face_color” coloring, but if loaded through the vtp file, will not select it by default. In contrast, loading the vtp file into paraview (desktop), this data array is used and shown automatically.

Is there any way to replicate this behaviour in Glance? I’m using glance internally at my job, where files are loaded automatically for us via URL, and would love for our 1 and only data array per file to be loaded without having to navigate through menus every time.

Hi, thanks for this report; this is a good feature to have in Glance! I will go ahead and add it, and I will update this thread when there is a PR.

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That is excellent news, thank you :smiley:

PR is out: feat(ColorBy): Use default scalars for colorBy by floryst · Pull Request #397 · Kitware/paraview-glance · GitHub

Hi there, thanks for the work you put into this @Forrest_Li

I just pulled master since your PR got get approved, and rebuilt a local version of the site.
It appears to partially work. When the file is loaded it is still a solid white, but once the ColorBy widget is opened & expanded → then the color effect is applied

This is the file I was testing with by the way, I thought I had put it in the OP but I must have forgotten
202-t.vtp (80.2 KB)
Would it be possible to have the data set be visualized without needing to expand & open up the widgets?

Hi, yes that is a minor bug that will be corrected. Thanks for catching that. I’ll update you when I’ve made those changes.

This should be fixed in the latest version.