Paraview Glance in HTC Vive Pro

Hi, I am using HTC Vive Pro for VR display in Paraview Glance. But I can only see a white space in my headset.

Is there any additional setting need to be done? I am using Firefox as suggested in previous discussions.

Hard to say… :wink:

@martink any possible idea? Do we have an HTC Vive Pro to test that out?

Are you looking at volume or geometry. FYI, Volumes are not supported in VR for now in vtk.js.

I have not specifically tested on a vive pro but it should work. I would suggest testing with our simple VR demo (Cone is it?) and see if that works. If that fails try a generic online VR web demo and make sure that works in firefox on your system.

@martink For the HTC VIVE Pro, do you know whether the VR Glass hand controller is working well with glance or not? I tried to use the controller to control the rendering, but it seems not working at all.