ParaView Glance is hard to find

ParaView Glance is hard to find. Why isn’t there a big, bright, blinking button on the front page saying “Here is Glance!”

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ParaViewGlance is bundled with ParaView but can be used online without downloading it here.

I don’t think we want users to download it as it is a web application.

Maybe we just need a menu entry in ParaView that will open PVGlance for you on your system.

Really? OK, lets see.

  • I know ParaView fairly well. I can’t find Glance in the ParaView download. I looked at the blog post, and IT doesn’t say that Glance is in the ParaView download. Thus, yep, your usage is zero. If we want to have glance with ParaView, link it from a menu! (I would recommend either Tools or File…)
  • We can start Glance externally. Great! The only way I have found to get to the Glance page is a little blue “here” in the middle of the blog entry. Make it totally, easily, blatantly OBVIOUS. (Or, did I miss something?) Lets add a button for Glance in, in the section below Welcome to ParaView. Download is obvious - it’s in the top menu. Lets replace Download.

On Mac it is in {paraview-root-dir}/Content/Resources/web/glance/ParaViewGlance.html.
For Linux and Windows it is probably in {paraview-root-dir}/share/web/glance/ParaViewGlance.html

@wascott, also see this. For 5.9, we should make it easier to test out glance (and other apps) using pvpyhon -m ... command as described on the issue.

@jourdain, once that happens we should add section to the ParaView Users Guide about Glance and how try it out etc.

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Talked to Utkarsh, lets discuss at the ParaView-Kitware-Sandia meeting on August 13th. I would like a solution that is clearer and simpler.