Paraview-Glance (licensing/attribution) What UI elements can be changed?

Hi there, weird question, but I want to cover all my bases before diving into development.
I’m looking to use paraview-glance for production use to visualize 3D objects within my organization by embedding the web-app within pages that would be used for both commercial and internal use.

With that said, are we permitted to modify UI elements such as the “About” button, the copyright banner on the bottom, & the paraview logo, and either entirely remove them and/or migrate them into a separate ‘about’ section on our site? I’m mostly just curious of what we can and cannot do, before we start doing anything. The license page refers only to source and binary redistributions; would we have to copy that text over somewhere on our site?

The ParaView Glance license is BSD 3-Clause. You can find a nice explanation on TLDRLegal.